Excellent star wars squad based shooter.

User Rating: 7 | Star Wars: Republic Commando PC

Star wars Republic Commando is a fun squad based shooter with a thrilling campaign that never ceases to astonish. Doesn't stray too far from the star wars world and yet manages to feel fresh and intuitive.

The easy to give and follow commands that help your squad move around make this game a blast. Teaming together in a campaign to take on your adversaries is totally in genuine and fun. The best part of the game is in great level designs that compliment the Star Wars universe.

Republic Commando campaign is short lasted and gives you powerful weapons to fight the enemies. Your enemies are varied and many a times you will be fighting in huge open space with multiple enemies around you as you direct your squad to take cover, fire and move forward all the while. The game really makes you feel in control of your squad as you push a button and the squad follows the command smoothly.