The Ultimate Star Wars Clone Wars Experience

User Rating: 9 | Star Wars: Republic Commando PC
Star Wars Republic Commando is a game that puts you in the eyes of Delta 38, the leader of the Delta Squad – a highly trained squad of clone commandos in the Star Wars Galaxy. In this game there are dozens of ways to compete levels with all the different squad commands. In this first person game, you have many weapons which are: an infinite ammo pistol, a 300 shot machine gun, a 20 shot sniper rifle, a 4 shot grenade launcher, a knife concealed in your armor, one secondary weapon of your choice and, of course, a variety of grenades.

There are 3 locations in the game. First Geonosis - the rocky planet home to bug like Geonosians. There you will encounter Geonosians and all the types of Battle Droids. The next location is the metal structure of an abandoned assault ship, where you will meet Battle Droids, hovering Scavenger Droids and reptilian Trandoshians. Finally on Kashyyk, you will meet Wookies, who are your allies, and Trandoshians, Scavenger Droids, Genosians and Battle Droids who are your enemies.

It is a great game with levels that don't get old quickly. Also the levels don't get too frustrating. I love it.