What Gamespot Users have to say about Star Wars: Republic Commando

  • Rating:8.1

    Cartoonish. I thought the graphics were out of date, but over all a good game.

    With the likes of Doom 3 and H2 released I guess im expecting more from the graphical department when it comes to FPS'rs. The squad control features were nice and very easy to learn. Sound effects were neat and rig... Read Full Review

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  • Rating:9

    Great Game

    This is a great little game. It has awesome graphics, sound , and game play. The story is pretty short, but it doesnt take anything away from the game. Its a great fit to the story in the Star Wars movies. The action is ... Read Full Review

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  • Rating:9.8

    This game shows the quality of the fps.A big title that you must own.

    Star Wars: Republic Commando is that game that when you start playing it you just can't stop playing it. This game has an excelent performance on XBox. The graphics are the best ever and there are details very much impr... Read Full Review

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