Obi-Wan is no Jedi Outcast, but having said that, it isn't all that bad either.

User Rating: 7 | Star Wars: Obi-Wan XBOX
Obi-Wan's gameplay is surprisingly enjoyable. The setup for the action is easy to pick up and your increasing skill allows you to better use Obi-Wan as you progress through the game : Obi-Wan's powers don't improve - you do. Pulling back on the right thumbstick allows you to deflect shots back at enemies with your lightsaber, but you have to time it right. You control exactly where the lightsaber moves with the right thumbstick as well, which makes for some fun lightsaber duels. You also have to charge up with the force to use any given Jedi ability, which in my opinion is a lot funner than simply activating one, and is more accurate to how the force works in the Star Wars universe. Although it's not a perfect game, Obi-Wan's control setup and fighting system are alot of fun to use, especially since your success depends alot on your actual skill as an acrobatic, lightsaber weilding Jedi - there's alot of skill involved. Graphically, the game varies. For example, the polygon counts on the character faces is just atrocious, where the N64 surpases it, and very few pretty effects are used, such as the lack of fog, haze, mist, and whatnot throughout the levels, making it very bland. However, on the other hand, the water effects look awesome, character self-shadowing looks cool, most characters overall polygon counts are fine, and the textures have a crisp vibrant look to them. The sound throughout the game is reliable. It's all the good old Star Wars themes from all the movies including Episode 2, which interestingly enough wasn't released until after this game was made. Although the game is fun to play though, you probably won't feel up for replaying it that much on a regular basis, as eventually the gameplay does get old. There is a two player battle mode that is reasonably fun, however, that should make it last for awhile. While I wouldn't necessarily recommend buying it and playing it everyday, Obi-Wan is still definitely a very fun game with Star Wars quality and is superb for a rental.