yeah its an early xbox game but its good even now! and its underrated

User Rating: 8.5 | Star Wars: Obi-Wan XBOX
well actually i am sad because i only have seen bad reviews of this game and everyone who has played it says: "dude stop playin' that piece of sh** its horrible" but no I like this game and is better than a ton of bad over hyped games like ride or die or 25 to life.

To be honest maybe i like it cause it was my first xbox game they give it to me in my birthday with the xbox and in that far febraury of the year 2002 were the console i owned was the psone for me obiwan's graphics were awesome and i remember i said..." man they can't be more awesome" but i was veeeeery wrong; anyways not only the graphics blown me away but the gameplay itself.. i know now is veery average but in 2001 when this was released i think it was pretty innovative.. i mean you attack with the right stick in the direction you want to swing the lightsaber and you have many jedi powers like jumps and throw s**t and all.

the game was not very long but i think is just right cause maybe a little bit more could have been boring but i dont think that this is a masterpiece but i dont think it deserves a pathtetic 4.6...remember that is from 2001

bottom line: Its a decent game maybe i exagerated the score maybe deserves 7 or 7.5 but for me it have a very nostalgic, sentimental value cause it was the first post-psone "next generation game" i played and i think its pretty good

maybe you want to check it out.. at least is better than superman , aquaman and rake of the 99 dragons...WAYYYY BETTER

see you dudes this is screamforme666 thanx for reading and STAY METAL!...HEAVY METAL!