It has stood the test of time as being the worst star wars game to grace the xbox.

User Rating: 2.5 | Star Wars: Obi-Wan XBOX
I don't think you can find this game to purchase anymore, and thats a very good thing.
The graphics are terrible(when the game came out), the gameplay is frustrating and boring, the levels are horrible and really bland, and there really isn't much of a story.

Don't buy this game unless you can find it for 2 dollarsor less, because it is possible that you might get a little bit of entertainment out of it's one redeeming quality. The jedi vs. battles which can be played with another person , which are fun but that feeling really doesn't last that long. It is basically like an bare bones 3d brawling match with a couple other jedi.

Obi Wan doesn't feel like a jedi as much as a kid who has a light saber and can throw it at people.

The music is pretty good considering that it is a star wars game so it really just has to be. The battle sound effects are pretty bad so it sort of evens itself out to a mediocre sounding game.

The force powers are ineffective, the enemy types aren't anything to get excited about, and the levels are as boring as they come.

I'm just asking you to please for your own sake stay away from this unless you can get it for a dollar or two.