definition of horrible:star wars obi wan,and he was my fav. CHARACTER.damn this justice to star wars.

User Rating: 1 | Star Wars: Obi-Wan XBOX
I HATE THIS GAME.first of all i want to point that yoda looks like a piece of crap dragged from hell.the graphics are like from 1956(if they had any back then,basically the graphics are crap)Obi Wan sounds horrible,as if he was sick or something.the worst ive played should not buy this game,i dont know why they dont burn,blow up or destroy every copy right now.i played only two levels and a couple jedi battles and that was enough to almost make me throw up.i watched my friend play other levels and they looked like and probably played like **** hate this game, it could go to hell to the sun and i wouldnt's horrible.