User Rating: 4.3 | Star Wars: Obi-Wan XBOX
Star Wars Obi Wan is a very bad Star Wars game. Everything about it is bad and outdated.

GAMEPLAY: I do like how the gameplay is set up but this game is very boring. I like how you use the right thumbstick to swing your lightsaber which gives the game a more tense feel but everything else is just basic stuff. No real point in playing.

GRAPHICS: Wow these graphics are poor. This is the Xbox, not a playstation. Characters are blocky and real bad looking. Faces look like blocks and your character and others are so short that they look like kids.

SOUND: One decent plus. Obi Wan sounds like he is suppose to and really that is about it.

VALUE: If you are a Star Wars fan you can miss this. If you are a Star Wars geek who needs to know everything, then this game is only a rental to you.

TILT: The lightsaber gameplay is unique but everything else is bad about this.