Very Fun, Criminally Underrated

User Rating: 8 | Star Wars: Obi-Wan XBOX
That's not to say that this game is without flaws. Quite the contrary. The most annoying aspect of this game is if you die 5 times, you have to start the whole chapter over again, something I found to be quite frustrating.

But, if there was one thing that I should tell you about this game, it is that it does NOT deserve a 4.6 rating. It may not be the best game, and it has it's problems, but, there is a very high 'fun-factor' with this game, and I feel that that was overlooked in the editors review.

The way the controls are set up is nothing short of brilliant. The way the levels are designed, the geometric architecture is absolutely phenomenal. And what makes that even MORE fun, is being able to Force jump and grab onto ledges and wall-tops in the giant map of Theed, Naboo, and go all stealth-like to avoid the B1 droids. You really feel like a Jedi playing this game, for that reason. The way the Force powers are set up on the controls is also great. Force push is one of the best tactics against those B1 droids, if they hit a wall hard enough, they'll fall apart. (cheap Trade Federation droids... lol)

It is true, this game is pretty much all action. But the action is FUN. It did not get boring for me. If anything, it was too difficult at times, but it did not get old. And the level designs are a lot of fun to explore. The only things I would have done differently is to have more interactive objects, have more missions and chapters, (I would not have had the game end at the battle against Maul, but, this was made in 2001, before AOTC was released, so...) and get rid of the "5 lives" thing. THAT was frustrating, I will admit.

All in all, a very fun game. Sure, the graphics were 'meh'. Sure, the AI was weird. But does that ruin the fun of the game? No. For me, it certainly did not. For any Star Wars fan, or even non Star Wars fans, I would recommend this as a fun game.