This game is a winner. Awesome lightsaber and force control.

User Rating: 9.5 | Star Wars: Obi-Wan XBOX
I revisited tihs game in hopes that I would find a sequel on the XBOX 360. No luck yet, but the original Obi-Wan has an originality that is hard to find. Of the great features in this game are the great in-game voice-overs, and the great control scheme. I can't believe a PC version was never released. This game is second only to KOTOR. If anyone with influence reads this, a sequel Obi-Wan for the XBOX 360 is an awesome idea. The intuitive use of the Force and the light-saber cannot be beat. I don't care if the graphics are sub-par, but that's mostly due to a lack of anti-aliasing. Other than that, this game rules, and deserves a spot in the top three Lucas Arts games, IMHO of course.