not worth the money if you bought new, i bought it for 4 dollars because its old, liked the star wars concept but come o

User Rating: 4 | Star Wars: Obi-Wan XBOX
alright, i took the time, and tried to really actually pass this game, alright i got really far, even though it was **** difficult to get there, games are supposed to make you have fun, not get pissed so much that after playing a game you need anger managment classes, wtf, i mean first of all the third level, too much thinking, okay, not what it should be, and lastly the last level with darth or dark moul maul or mogul what ever his name is how the **** do you kill that mother ****g bastard, i threw the box of the game so hard on that boss that the box broke, and my wall chipped, wtf, first i **** loose to him in the first ten seconds than i start blocking, his life is almost all the way down then his sword breaks in half, and oooooh **** his life is back the **** up, so i get pissed, cuz mine doesnt go back the **** up, and i get killed, then when i finally almost killed him, i had full life, he pulls some weird jumpy move and throws me into a****g hole, i got pissed of on many other parts of this game, the graphics are ****ed up, like **** psp games look better man, if i wanted a game with graphics that poor, **** i would've downloaded super mario bros for **** free, dont buy if you havent, and if you have when you reach darth ****er just quit hes the evil god you cant ****g kill him, and if you did high five, now your god