Its actually a good game!

User Rating: 7.9 | Star Wars: Obi-Wan XBOX
When you first look at it you can tell, the graphical ethnics of the game arent up to xbox's exceptions, but the gameplay is rather fun, the cool part is how you can control your lightsaber with the right thumbstick, with gives it that feel like you are controlling the saber not some attack button doing it for you. your enimes go down rather fast giving it that realistic part. it basically follows before episode 1 and right into it and ends at darth maul. the force moves dont seem up to date as resent releases, but there are some that are fun to fool around with, like force pull ( it snatches the weapon the enimies carring out of their hands), force push(pushes objecks) force push-different name- it pushes your opponent away (this is fun with droids as they just break down as they hit the walls) the game play is fun, sound is ok, the graphics is sorta what hurts it. but all in all its a game worth trying