Game is great for psp...For Ds another kind of game would have been better

User Rating: 5.3 | Star Wars: Lethal Alliance DS
It's not all about the graphic I must say...of course the graphics are better on the psp, but that's something everybodys knows. It's just that I don't know, why they had to do a version for the ds...It looks like made perfectly fit for the my opinion they could have done another game for the ds which would fit better...I'm thinking about maybe a game like dark forces or a flying shooter like the x-wing series...they would be great to control with the this game here the touchscreen is only used to steer zeeo and to do some easy puzzles. I mean...Or they could have done some kind of lightsaber-swinging game, where you can battle enemies only with the stylus.
Don't get me wrong...this game isn't bad...but I just couldn't get along with it that much...I bought a ds, because I wanted Games, that make alot of fun and would use the touchscreen perfectly. For the action I bought a I just don't know, why they release a game for the ds, that is so not DS-like.
So all I can say is:
If you are a star wars and you only own a DS, than you should buy it or rent it for some time to play it...but if you own a DS and a PSP, then don't waste your time with the DS-Version...go buy it for the psp. Cause the psp has for example nice FMVs and a good english synchronisation...but the ds has none of this and it therefore it lacks alot of atmosphere