One of Bioware's best. It captures a unique aspect of the StarWars world and sets you free right in the middle of it all

User Rating: 10 | Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic XBOX
One of the best Star Wars games yet, KOTOR bring to life a unique aspect of the Star Wars universe to you. It's is set in a time were there are just as many Sith as Jedi. The Sith being it's own faction. Since this is a role playing game you may choose the light or dark side of the force and learn the force abilities.

There are a great many choices and paths you can take to get different outcomes. Along with your choices the story is very imersive, and makes you want to keep playing so you can find out what happens next. The look ans sheen of the world and it's environment are just beautiful, and imersive.

The story is worthy to be made into a movie. (but we know that's not gonna happen. :P ) You will think of Star Wars in a totally different way when you play this. In a good way too. The graphics are very good for it's time and the game play easy to get the hang of. May the force be with you.