Star Wars plus RPGs, done right.

User Rating: 9.5 | Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic PC
When you aim to please two huge groups like Star Wars fans and RPG players, you aim high; the risks are terrible, the balance you seek so thin it's nearly impossible to reach. But Bioware did it, and did it good.
This game is easily among the best Star Wars titles, and in my opinion the best Role-Play game of its' decade: the story is compelling and well told, it does start like oh so many other stories, but soon takes its own road, with many interesting twists; the graphic, while not superb, is clean, and the artistic work is very good; the ost is a very strong point of the game, with the superb music from the Films (composed by John Williams) integrated with interesting themes by Jeremy Soule; and gameplay wise the game use a modified version of "Star Wars Role-playing game", with the combat mechanic being a disguised turn-based system, thanks to the command-chains and tactical pause.
This game brought to me and many other players out there a glimpse of the true universe of Star Wars, better than the New Trilogy of films, and better than any other Star Wars game after released. All the hype around the next Star Wars: The Old Republic is majorly caused by us, because too many years are passed since shadows descended on Star Wars…