The Best game i have had the pleasure to play.

User Rating: 10 | Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic XBOX
KOTOR. Knights. These are names of one of the greatest games ever created and should be an example for which all other rpgs should learn from.
From the very first moments of the game, you know that your in for an adventure of a lifetime.So let me begin so you can expierience this Legendary game we were are so grateful to have.

First off if you have any doubts,dont. Buy this game before its too late.

So you start off very classy on a starship right after a brilliant customization sequence.( your charecter morphs to reflect your actions btw.)
You may think this game starts off reletively slow but once you pump a few hours into it youll be regretting the very words from your mouth and go brush your teeth.

Gameplay- Combat is great,very similar to dragon age but much more action oriented where blades actually connect and you feel the power of your charecter. Strategic but action filled,you queue up moves or select them on the fly.

Characters- Your companions are the best in any game ive seen. And thats coming from someone whos played every Bioware game besides 2 expansion s for the baldurs gate series. Well writen and you feel attached. Seriously you care about your actions that affect them.

Story- Hands down the most well written game as well. The biggest plot twist that will have you thinking about it for weeks.(Maybe.) Seriously so many sub plots come together in the overall plot that it even gives dragon age a run for its money.

Sound- Fairly typical but with some added sounds that are very unique. Lightsabers clashing is believable and voices are PHENOMENAL.

Lasting appeal- Ive beaten this game so many times i literally lost count. I swear i find new things every time whether it be in the story or just in content. With MULTIPLE branching storylines or paths to choose you get the feeling this game is bigger then you ever realized.

Bottom line- This game is big,cities, people,places,characters,items,everytrhing. You are only hurting yourself not playing this.
Like starwars or not youll love this game and is a great gateway game to other RPGS.