A Classic title, worth every penny.

User Rating: 9.5 | Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic PC
An classic RPG based on the epic Star wars fantasy realm; both these features will escalate your interest in the title; I don't want to keep you waiting, so let's go on it.

The graphics are good considering how old this game actually has been now, KOTOR pit's you in-charge of a character model (only human) that you choose beforehand, The gender you define for your character, not to spoil, has quite an impact on your game experience which definitely adds some replay value; to a certain extent.

The combat system is decent, considering how old this title is, the combat mechanic stands strong in terms of simplicity. The battle contrary to some claims, takes place in real-time but you can pause it if the battle escalates to a point of incomprehensibly hectic action; something that you will experience quite a few times if you have set your difficulties level up a notch.

The game's difficulty on the original settings is also strong, it challenges without overwhelming which soothes the learning curve, the game begins with a prologue; you're ship is under attack of overwhelming enemy force and you must evacuate you're way to the emergency drop-pods with occasional encounters with enemy troops. This prologue act's as a tutorial and really helps set the mood for the game. you get introduced to the several systems of the game i.e combat, repairs etc.

The concept of having a team with you is also great, while you could act a lone-wolf but such behaviour is certainly not advised since the game's difficulty is balanced around a team of 3 members in total you get a crew of 9 members as you progress through the story, but the odds are that you are most-likely going to have 2 "favorites" to go out with.

As i mentioned team-mates, each and every person has an stunning amount of character depth into them, all your conversations and choices will have an impact towards how they generally portray you as. There is also a neat feature which scales you're characters personal alignment as in "Good side" or "Dark side", if you perform too many dark deeds (like extorting someone who needs help, or killing someone who surrenders, generally lieing etc) you're physical look will turn cold and you'll have an vicious look, On the other hand; if you perform good deeds you will have an angelic and inspiring aura around you.

This feature also means you're team-mates are going to have some comments about you, as in performing dark deeds and you're team mate will say: "You don't look too good". Perform good deeds and they will praise on your newly charming feel.

Story in KOTOR is amazing! sure the start will be confusing but as make progress, several plot's clear out, there are two huge turn-around in the end aswell as an alternative ending, so just be mentally prepared to deal with such amazing awesome-ness.

There are also a large variety of side-quests available, some even drag out very long and become very engaging; you can become an special agent to the Republic; sounds awesome!

Voice acting is also great and very inspired; Aliens voice is just random gibberish repeated over and over again but sometimes it actually feels as if it's exactly what they are talking.

There is also a wide variety of customization available; a wide variety of armors, ranged weapons and melee weapons, but progressing through the game the ranged arsenal becomes obsolete and is completely overshadowed by interesting melee choices; like laser swords (hint hint). IMO the ranged weapons should have been looked on, for far more replay-value.

There is about, as i have experienced; about 30 or more hour's of engaging fun.

The only reason this game didn't manage a solid 10 on my slider is because of the obsolete ranged weaponry, and some nasty bugs but most of these are easily overlooked by what the game already has to offer.

I think i have covered most of what needed to be covered, This is a great game and definitely worth buying, considering it's release date it's price tag is toned down accordingly. You can pick it at Steam for just $9.99, A decent bargain for a great title.