Best Game I Ever Played

User Rating: 9.5 | Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic XBOX
I can't describe it in a review. One must play the game to understand its artistic and emotional value. If video game companies have one game to remake in the next generation of gaming systems, then they must choose this game as a way for future generations to experience its beautiful world and immerse themselves in it. However, the game is not perfect. The environments are beautiful to look at, but close up of character's faces and clothing are not detailed enough. There were very few glitches that occurred, but they were minor hiccups in comparison to the fluidity with which the game ran. The combat system is exiting and fun to interact with, while the leveling system is fairly decent. However, one of the most important thing about the game was its atmosphere. The atmosphere is what made the game since it truly immersed the player with different tones such as the peaceful but dangerous fields on the Jedi Enclave, or the dark and mysterious feeling one experiences when they are in the Sith Tomb or in the Underworld in Taris. Combined with the amazing soundtrack of the game, the player truly felt themselves be part of the world through their pixelated character. As a video game player, I urge people who haven't played this game to give it a try. Its an experience every video game player will crave after once they have finished playing this game.