this is one of the greats well worth a look and always good to come back to

User Rating: 10 | Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic XBOX
one of my all time favorite games star wars knights of the old republic has one of the greatest story lines i have ever played full of twist and turns you never know whats going to happen next, its got heaps of replay abillity, it is set thousands of years befor the days of luke skywalker and darth vader, you aer sent on a quest through a series of unfortunate avents to save the Galaxy from the new sith empire,this is a gme that you will lose your self in and want to play over and over just so you can see how differnt choices wll affect the game, also with an isane amount of force powers to chose from it will keep all the hard core rpg fans buisy for hours on end on top of that you have character customization with heaps of veriation which is like a mini game in its self to make your avartar look the way you want it to. all in all 10 out of 10 by far one of the best rpg games of all time