This RPG had many great features and is one of the best Xbox RPGs.

User Rating: 8.5 | Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic XBOX

I am not a Star Wars fan but I did enjoy this game quite a lot.


The story takes place 4000 years before the rise of the Galactic Empire.The Sith(who are an army of warrior mages who use the 'dark side' of the force to conquer others)have started a war against the Republic.The Jedi(who are special warriors who are trained to use the force for the side of good and it's their job to protect the republic and galaxy from bad guys)have been left scattered and many of them have been killed or have even sided with Malak(the leader of the Sith).

You will create a character and train them to be a Jedi(where your character will learn about the philosophical stuff involved in being a Jedi and what good must do to combat evil)and the story can change greatly depending on what decisions you make.You can defeat Malak and save the republic,or you can betray the republic and fight against them and allow the sith to win the war,and you'll still need to fight Malak but after you defeat him,you'll take over control of the Sith army and will rule the galaxy and bring an age of darkness and evil control to the galaxy.

To be honest,the game's main story wasn't that interesting to me,but I like the back-stories for your party members,because their back-stories are quite deep and interesting and can be emotional and they have a lot of stories/things to talk about with you and you can choose the dialogue you want to use when you reply to them(and you can show you understand them or make them angry with your dialogue responses)and your dialogue responses can allow you to create romance with certain characters if you select the right responses.

The other characters in the game include:-

Veteran Republic pilot named 'Carth Onasi' who has some painful stories to share with you about his time serving as a republic pilot.

Mission Vao,who is a cheerful,teenaged,blue skinned alien.

Zaalbar,who is a wookie alien and his race is being enslaved.

The very discplined,but self-righteous female Jedi named Bastille Shan.

There's a couple of other jedi who can join your party who have their stories to share,and some androids can join your party too.

The story also has side-stories in the sidequests and allow you to decide whether to handle the disputes with violence or negotiation.


The battle system has a dice roll system and has elements of turn based and real-time gameplay.I guess you can say the characters will take turns attacking eachother(or performing other commands)but they don't take turns in exact order and some enemies use their turn quickly to attack you and will keep doing it and if you're too slow to select a command,those enemies could deplete your health very quickly.Your party members can assist you by automatically attacking enemies and doing healing duties(using the force's healing abilities).

The force is the game's version of magic.You can use the force to damage or stun enemies or buff your characters or speed your characters up or to heal.

Even though your group of characters consists of all those characters I've mentioned above,you can only have either 3 of 4 characters in your party(I can't remember exactly)and the different characters can make a big difference in how you complete missions because of their abilities.Droids can pick locks to make some missions quicker to complete if you need to get past a big security door.The Jedi are very powerful party members who can use light sabers.To be honest,I found the characters who are not either Jedi or droids to be a bit redundant compared to the Jedi's or droids,because Jedi's are so powerful because of their lightsabers and droids are handy because they can pick locks but the characters who rely on lazer weapons or who cannot use light sabers/pick locks are much weaker/useless compared to a jedi or droid.

You can do some very evil acts such as breaking into a person's home and killing them and stealing some of their money.

The environments are quite big and there's a lot to explore,including cities with many buildings you can explore inside and filled with people/aliens/droids walking around and there's environments with more natural surroundings such as open plains,caves,beach,desert and there's many sidequests/disputes to get involved in and when you travel through the city you can be attacked by thugs or by wild animals when you're travelling through the natural surroundings.

The game is fun,because the battle system has a nice flow to it and you only need to command one character,and because of the exploration and sidequests and the way you can talk a lot to your party members and hear them talk about many stories or other things and the way you can create multiple conversation paths and cause pleased or angry reactions depending on what you say to people.

The game has very detailed city environments with people,aliens,droids walking around and there's some very sci fi style buildings/starship interiors and there's more social style buildings in the city such as clubs that are brightly lite and have people drinking and socializing(similar to a nightclub)and you'll see a good mixture of humans and aliens in the environments.The desert environment looked stunning for their time and there's a planet that has a beautiful city built on an ocean and it looks stunning.There's a planet with a lot of forest and tall trees and you'll see the wookies being used as slaves.The graphics went for a more realistic look which can cause them to look a bit fuzzy compared to games that go for more artstyle oriented graphics,but seeing more realistic was a nice change to artsy style graphics all the time.

The game has beautiful cinematics such as when it shows you the scenes of the beautiful silver city that's built over the ocean and footage of the forest with the tall trees.If you take over the sith empire,the scenes of the sith army worshipping you and your character having an evil facial expression is quite epic.

The music has a nice orchestric feel to it.The voice acting matched the personalities/languages of the characters quite well,such as how droids make a certain sound when they communciate,and how Bastilla sounds up tight,Carth sounds scarred by events from his past,Vao sounds cheerful,Zaalbar speaks in woogie language.

I'm not a Star Wars fan,but I liked this game when I played it many years ago,and this game showed me how great the Bioware style RPGs can be.