Star Wars! Knights of the Old Republic A fabulous RPG Gaming experience! youve gotta give it a go! not to be mis

User Rating: 9.8 | Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic XBOX
This is a quite surprising and unique RPG! all you gamers out there have got to play, its fun, exciting and highly addictive!..even if your not into RPGs it doesn't matter! because i think after you have played this game you will be!

Before you begin your epic journey into the realms of Kotor! you get too choose between three types and class of characters and you can decide on which gender too! which i believe is an asset to any RPG as it prolongs the life span of a game! also you get to choose what they facially look like although this is limited compared to most RPGs! you will also recieve a certain amount of points to distribute on there statistics and skills but the points do vary depending on which class you go for. Once you have decided upon your character the game obviously begins!....

You awake in your underwear aboard the Endar Spire which is a Republic Ship! and Its rather a shaky start i have too say! will see what i mean when you play it! Immediately the story and interaction with in-game characters or AI which ever you prefer to call them kicks off, although you are clueless at this time as to whats going on around you, the initial learning kerb is short and sweet, it just helps you get use to the controls and inventory and doesn't take long to master, then the action starts!

As you progress through this game you will meet certain key characters that will join you on your adventures and stay with you till the end, but have to warn you there are alot of choices you can make during your quests that could change the tide and future of your associations with them! good and bad, depending on what you say or how you react and what you decide to inevitably do, theres a few surprises instore for you too! but the main factor i think you will probably guess!.. if your a star wars fan, is that you can choose your own path! so which one will you follow i wonder!.. Dark side or Light side!??

I played Kotor several times, with Male and Female characters, Dark an Light side and have enjoyed the experiance of both immensely!..and would recommend that when you play Kotor you try it as well, the beauty of this game is that what ever path or gender you do decide upon, the story line will change accordingly along with your own characters expressions, dialogue and powers too! plus a few hidden extra twists that i wont elaborate on as it would spoil it for you! some of the conversations you have in the game are highly amusing and will have you roaring up!!!....

There are numerous worlds for you to visit and explore to a certain degree!with loads of quest and side quest to complete! you get to meet alien races some you will already be familiar with if you are into star wars, or even if your not you will recognise a few of them im sure, you get to be the owner of a ship and fire the gun turrets, how cool is that huh!! become a Jedi learn to master your awesome powers that grow in strength as you progress through the game and level them up, get to wield your very own light saver!!.. Yes!! that bit! you can also customise your light saver and change the colour too, get to battle the sith, dark Jedi and of course the dark lord himself.

What more can i say about this game? well plenty really, i could just go on and on!, but don't worry i wont, instead i shall leave the rest of this epic adventure for you to discover for yourselves! I sincerely hope you do too! because believe me!.. you dont know what your missing until you have.

Hope this review is helpful to you in some small way and that ive done this game justice cause it deserves it! Enjoy fellow gamers!