Simply a great game.

User Rating: 9.5 | Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic PC
Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic or as most people know it as KOTOR is "Simply a great game." Upon first look on the game even in 2013 the graphics still hold up surprisingly well and the gameplay is still some of the best around. One of BioWare's most prestigious and well known games KOTOR brings to the table what many games nowadays do not, creativity. Although the universe is that of George Lucas and Star Wars, Bioware took the game on and made it their own, they created a universe that was familiar, but delve deeper into the lore than any game before it. KOTOR also accomplished the goal of creating a universe that was not a copy of the current Star Wars universe, they brought you to beautiful locations on many planets while keeping you entranced with the story. This leads to the main part of why this game is so good. The story of this game was one of a kind at the time, where you were thrown into a exploding ship while finding out that you have a great mystery surrounding you and as you progress through the game you are given many hints to your past, but just enough for when the big secret is revealed you are still invested in the game and it's story. Towards the end of the game just before you enter the main conflict you are thrown a curve-ball that you had no way of foreseeing and as it all unravels depending on your moral stature you are either betrayed or do it yourself. Then begins the conflict and the epic conclusion and for whichever side you take the result is satisfying and all the hard work that you put into your character whether it be your stats, powers or side of the force it all comes together for an epic ending. Now the gameplay is to some the best part of the game while to others it may seem a little to slow as KOTOR plays more like Dragon Age: Origins as in a turn based RPG with rolls that dictate how much damage you do based on weapon stats, powers, feats and attributes. These may seem like many elements that could be to complex, but BioWare made sure that it wasn't too complex for an average joe to work through, but they also gave it the elements for someone to create a good character build if they micro manage their character. Next is how well they did on the environments which by the way are astounding; the only problem is that they backgrounds seem to be jpegs that recur sometimes, but those themselves and pretty good and the actual environment of the area that you are in is very good and the worlds are accurate and diverse. Speaking of diversity this game has a decent amount in it. The diversity can come from many places such as in the combat you have many weapons throughout the game in which you can wield and upgrade on benches, many armors, implants, visors and arm bands that also affect your rolls and appearance so you have many ways of customization. Finally KOTOR solidifies itself as a great game because of good gameplay, story, graphics and upholding and enhancing the lore of Star Wars and then going further to produce a sequel and a MMO spin-off that ultimately help define the series Star Wars Old Republic as a great one.