This game is the best example of a perfectly executed franchise RPG.

User Rating: 10 | Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic XBOX
Star Wars! One of my favorite film franchises of all time! (well 4, 5 and 6 anyways.) I love the series, and am a huge nerd on everything related to Star wars (comics, books, Fanfictions) but when I saw this game on a shelf in Gamestop one fateful day, my 12 year old self really had no idea what to expect, but just picked it up because, hey, it said "Star Wars" on it, and it looked pretty cool. So I got to my grandmas house, plugged in the ole XBOX and put the game in and...

Ok so to start off you got the choice of a few types of characters which basically just affects your basic skills I believe, so I never found that to be too important, especially that now that I don't recall what that does in a detailed manner SO YEAH NOT REALLY GUNNA TALK ABOUT THAT. The choices are like solider, scoundrel, and Scout, and after you make that choice, you're off!. Im not going to spoil too too much of the plot because the way the plot is structured it is waaaaay too hard for me to not spoil it. Instead I'm just going to say there are many twists and the plot feels great and very cinematic. All the characters are really great, the enemies are all very cool, and everything in the feel is just so "star warsy." Greatly done for fans, and people who don't know crap about Star Wars will still love how beautiful the game is and how great most characters come off as. The gameplay is like you can attack using different techniques and use different techniques you may have along with two party members. You can heal yourself instantly but only if you have medpacs, you can use them in the same menu you attack on which is a small bar on the bottom of the screen, making it easy to attack and do whatever. Fighting is fun and does get a bit repetitive admittedly, but among everything else it didn't take away from much.

The dialogue is choice based, and like something you'd see outta Fallout, theres karma that will ultimately affect the way people interact with you and which side of the force you will join and what not. Every thing you do or say thats selfish or "evil" will make you farther towards the dark side and vice versa. After a point in the game you will have the option to be trained as a jedi, but later you can drift toward the sith, and both decisions make the story extremely interesting. Im one of those guys that hates to see what happens when you're evil, but the story still remained great at either point and the game remained fun. As you turn bad you start seeing your own party question you, and its very interesting how that works. It uses a level up feature like any RPG for all party members and you can upgrade certain skills and feats for each and every character everytime they level up which can be awesome, all of these skills and feats are helpful in some way, and are boosted up accordingly.

Overall I would strongly reccomend this for just about anybody. Beautiful game for 2003, great music, great environments, and just an all around fun and amazing RPG. Get this for your star wars fan! or even for someone who just enjoys a good RPG because this game will be worth it no matter what the price is on it (probably not too high) Easy 10/10.