BEST STAR WARS GAME EVER and if not one of the best RPG's on the PC.

User Rating: 10 | Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic PC
To this day KOTOR is my third favorite XBOX game (besides Halo & Ninja Gaiden). How can anyone not like this game besides to much dialogue, but well done dialogue. Also this game became one of the fastest selling XBOX games of all time. The company behind this masterpiece is BioWare, a Canadian developer that is also known for RPG's like Baldur's Gate Series and Neverwinter Nights. Also BioWare is coming out with a pretty sweet new game in April 05 called Jade Empire for the XBOX. You start the game choosing your main characters Sex & Race and then start the Adventure. What made this game so remarkable is that you got to choose Good or Evil (light or dark) and gave it a lot of replay valve. It takes place 4,000 years before Episode 1, you start on a ship taking over by the Sith and then crash on a unknown plant (controlled by the Sith). He is were your journey begins to find out your past and you must choose light or dark. Your first mission is to rescue a special Jedi named Bastila which is the key to the war and with her your journey begins. Your main quest is to collect Star Maps from many of the well know Star Wars plants and bring the story together. Through out the game you encounter another 8 characters (Bastila which is #9) to join you on your quest and to save the world. The story in the game is OK, but gets better towards the end. The other things that makes this game so remarkable is the Gameplay (customizing characters & Jedi powers), the Environments, the characters you encounter with there own languages, and the little side quest. If you plan to do just the basics in the game it will take you 35 hours just to beat the game. It is all most impossible to see everything in the game, but thats what makes it have so much replay valve. Also the Battle System and Battles were great, so go out and buy this game for only $19.99 US. HATS OFF TO BIOWARE