F#@k you Bioware! Spoilers for Knights 1 and Knights 2!

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Rather than give us an epic finale with Knights 3 they give us an mmo set 300 years later where the sith empire Kreia spoke of finally comes back. This means that Revan and the Exile failed! Imagine if after the Empire strikes back they made a sequel set 300 years later where Luke and Leia are dead and the rebels of the future Fight the Emperor. Well thats pretty much what Bioware did to Everyone who loved Kotor.

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the sith always come back, that's the point. the light side never permanently defeats the dark side. jolle says that in KOTOR 1.

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wow.......really dude ???? If you knew anything about the M.M.O or any of the books, you would know that the Exile went after Revan, Found him, and TRIED to help him destroy the Sith, but was betrayed by a "rouge" Sith Warrior named SCOURGE. Exile gets killed and Revan is stuck in stasis for 300 years ------ SO THEN IN THE MMO YOU CAN HELP HIM. (It is a quest) Also the last movie was Return Of The Jedi, not Empire Strikes Back. The point of the movie was to show Luke and Leia win over the Empire & rebuild the Republic, so there would not be a "Emperor" or "rebels of the future". And yeah the Sith ALWAYS comes back.......that the point, the Jedi would be out of business if they are destroyed for good :/