ANNOYING issue. Can anyone help?

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Hello, I love KOTOR and the other day I decided to install it on my laptop to play through it again. Everything was running perfectly fine until now. I got to the point where you enter Davik's Estate to steal the ebon hawk but I cant get past the beginning dialogue/cinemtatic. It runs normally until the part of the cinematic where he is informing you that "these will be your quarters until blah blah blah..." and the backround is not solid, it's like you can see through all of the walls and floor during the conversation and after the conversation ends, you do not exit the cinematic, it just shows the my party, Davik, and everyone else just standing there. The music still plays, but they all just stand there in midair. I installed the update and everything, but this happens every time I load the game and go through the cinematic. keep in mind I'm using the original disc set, I did not buy it on steam.