I find kotor 2 the best StarWars game I have played. you can replay this game times and again.

User Rating: 7.8 | Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords PC
The main reason I played Kotor 2 is not because I am a big Starwars fan or a devoted RPG gamer.
I played this game mainly because, being a girl, I prefer playing games with a female lead and there are not all that much games with woman protagonists these days.
But Kotor2 had a lot more to offer than just the possibility to chose a female lead.
I have already played other StarWar games, so I wasn't totaly new to these series, but I find kotor 2 the best StarWars game I have played. Although is an older game, I was pleasantly surprised to find it quite entertaining, with varied locations,interesting combats, the story was saticfactory and you can replay this game times and again.
The story is about the battle between Jedis and Siths, your character is a Jedi outcast. You have lost your Force power as well as your lightsaber. You have to not only regain your light saber but also find out the real reason you have been dismised from Jedi order. On your way, you will travel
to differnet destinations and face different people and puzzles and a lot of adventures. You can be a good natured character, chosing actions which will help you gain the light side or do evil which will make your dark side come out. I don't expect an older game to have the excellent graphics we are used to these days, but even for an older game, the enviroments are rather monotonous. I would have liked to see the locations with more attention to the details, rather than numerous races talking in different languages.
There is also a lot of running around like the ones in adventure gaming, it can get quite boring after a while.
You can have a varaity of weopons and armor, the most exiting the lightsaber, but I haven't really noticed a big difference between this and that weopon. the workbenches are there so you can create new items, but this seems to be rather shallow as you can buy, find, get almost anything during the game. Something I found annoying in combats is that sometimes you can't get rid of some week companions, even if you switch to solo mode. The fights are rather easy as you have a pause option to stop in the middle of the action.
I haven't finished the game yet, as you can go on and on, linger for months on this game, replay it with a new character, dark side, light side and have this game on your side for a long time.