good game, fun gamplay, but as Saigo said, horrible ending.

User Rating: 9.6 | Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords XBOX
this is one of the best game seris iv'e ever played! a RPG, one of my fav gernres, Star Wars, one of my favorite series put together to make this seris.
the game is full of colorfull envirements. every charecter has at least a slightly different face.
don't get me wrong, the game is awsome, but the ending, good god a 3 year old could think up a better ending! 'spoilers'
they get in the ship and fly of the planet, thats it!
what kind of a ending is that!!?
Oh come on at least show us the charecters in the ship with some dialogue!
anyway, if your're looking for a RPG involving jedi, this is for you.
also it needs to be longer, my cousin beat it in less then 24 hours.
can you believe that? 24 hours!
i hear from a source that 'the man' doesn't want us to know that Star Wars Knights of the Republic 3 willcome out soon. so if you want a third one, your good to go later on.