Highly addictive and fast acting. one of the most addictive starwars games next to the prequal to this game

User Rating: 9 | Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords PC
If you love Star Wars this game is for. Ignore the other review i wrote on the the prequal because this review goes for both games.Highly addictive for any action, role playing or just having fun fans. This game is based on the war before the actuly seris began a.k.a the Sith era. you adventure through the glaxey as well.... your own costum charicter. you start off on a mining astroid known as Perogus. your ship was damedge so you are flew luckly to this colony. This is the start of your adventure. about 15 min is you work fast you get your first level up. this is when u kill acouple of driods and kira tells you u r felling the force after the councel has taken it from you. this is just a taset of the begining thrill of your adventuer. later as you start to chose your path you will gain companions. normmaly the fun way to go is the dark side. when you wanna be richous person and save everyone u play light side. some charictes u get are based on gender. abilyty, and your path. As we all know there are amazing features in all Star Wars games. I believe bio ware and lucas arts have out done themselves on this one. i mean realy who would have thought of an amazing game such as this. just becuse the game came out in some ware around 2004 many people are still trying to put more possabiltys on there side like beating the game with certin stats or beting the game with just a vibrobalde. it all comes down to what the creator wants to put on his side. if u are thinking about buying this game u wanaado it as soon as possible. the force is calling u go and get it now.

p.s. if you were thinking about getting the old republic the mmo of this game u have to beat the first 2 to undersatnd whats going on. actuly u have to beat the second one but to understand the second one u have to play the first one. so in this jumbled mess of a review this game deservs a good rating and is one of the gratest wtarwars games of all time so go out and buy all three of the old republic series