With mods and glitches, you can take more fun out of this game...

User Rating: 8.5 | Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords PC
I own both Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic, both one and two for both Xbox and PC. Strange perhaps? Well...With the joy of PC-modding, you can take so much more fun out of this game and KOTOR 1 (Although with more glitches, loads of cut content, etc, there are perhaps more mods made and or released with this game)
Story: 8.5 (CUT CONTENT)
Graphics: 6-7 (I'm not entirely sure on this one)
Music: 9.5 (Sounds a bit too similar to KOTOR 1)
Control: 7 (GLITCHES)
Gameplay: 9.5 (Improved somewhat)
Sound: 8.5 (Better emotion in KOTOR 1)
Replay Value: 10? (Its great to play whenever with WHAT-ever, mods and cheats, haha...)
Overall, this is a great game in it's own right, but with Lucasarts rushing this game, a lot of content was cut, which is in my personal opinion, bull!@#$. There is a lot of plot pieces missing (Like the HK Factory, the Droid Planet, characters meant to be seen, characters meant to be in your party, characters in your party and what did they do in the end) I should be quiet and explain a piece of the story..
You're considered the last Jedi after the Sith destroyed so many of them, also the mysteries of Revan and why and where he disappeared, the New Sith, and etc...
The gameplay has been improved, which is pretty good of course, mostly combat though, but the original system in the predecessor was still pretty awesome of course. The music is good, but too much alike to KOTOR, the same with the sound, control somewhat. If you played and loved KOTOR, you should play this, it isn't, in my personal opinion, better than the original, but it is still !@#$%^& awesome.