Starts out wonderfully; an immense improvement over the excellent original. Slowly degrades into an incomplete mess.

User Rating: 6.5 | Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords PC
The original KotOR earned its many awards. It was the best game of 2004. And from the start, this game took everything that was great about the original and improved it. The combat system was upgraded with new functionality that makes you wonder how you ever got through the first game without it. The plot and dialogue are significantly more engrossing and intelligent. The areas are larger and have more to explore. Even the little annoyances from the first game, like how slowly you walked in space or underwater, were fixed or improved. The game definitely starts out to be another "best of the year."

However, after you finish a couple of planets (which is probably as far as many reviewers ever get), things start to unravel. The events of the story begin to make less and less sense. Puzzles start to loosen and become confusing. Some dialogue and characters start to seem out of place. Minor bugs pop up. The infamous load times increase to infuriating lengths.

In the last third of the game, nothing makes sense. You breeze through nearly empty planets with very few events, none of which make any intelligeible contribution. *Three* of the nine playable characters are activated just moments before you are unable to use them anymore, making those characters completely irrelevant to the game. Sub-plots dangle in every direction without any continuity or meaning. Even some of the most compelling, central plotlines of the game simply disappear without any explanation or closure. Boss battles are crammed together, boring and uninspired.

The final map of the game is obviously unfinished. It is nothing more than a series of empty rooms, including many which are labeled on the map but don't exist, because they were never created. And there is NO ENDING! I don't mean that they purposefully leave you hanging in anticipation of KotOR III, I mean they simply didn't end the game. If you make the right choices at the end you may get some weak, contrived dialogue that tells you what will happen to everyone in the future, but otherwise there is absolutely no ending. You just win a stupid boss fight that makes no sense and then fly off into credits. Nothing is answered, nothing is resolved. A huge letdown.

It is clear that this game was rushed to market when it was only about 60% complete. If you are going to play through it, be prepared for a confusing mess towards the end and a very disappointing finish. You won't bother playing it twice.