Kotor 2 doesn't change the formula of the series, but rather, polishes it to a very fine and keen shine.

User Rating: 8.5 | Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords XBOX
Star Wars Kotor 2 is a Fantastic follow up to the wonderful game that was Kotor for the X-box. Even though it doesn't do anything particularly new, *or even better in some parts of the game*, Kotor 2 does end up offering you a fantastic RPG for any star wars fan and non star wars fan alike.

The Story starts you out encased in a Healing tank After your Ship Seemed to mysteriously Crash land on the Fuel mining planet called Paragas. From there on out you are to wake up from a call with an old hag. As soon as you get out of your deep sleep you seem to run right into the old lady that telepathically called out to you. She tells you that both of you have a very deep connection to each other through the force. From there you meet Tons of new characters as you Travel through space and from planet to planet.

A few of the planets you will Travel to have been in the last kotor. But rather then being Boring and just a revisit of the last game, Kotor 2 takes the level and basically Ripped them to shreds and started anew with them. Dantooine is probably the first of the planets you will revisit. In Kotor 1 the place got blown to bits and its level design shows it with a torn to hell feel. Although you'll be revisiting a few of the planets all the level design of the planets have indeed changed So consider each planet to be another vast pool of star wars knowledge for your head to drain.

If you want your RPG to be very quick, KOTOR 2 isn't the game for you. Although the first one may have moved along relatively quick, KOTOR 2s story is a very slow waiting game until you get your crew off of paragas. After you have cleared the First planet, the story move along at a very brisk pace.

Even though Bioware did not handle the development of the game, Obsidian Wanted to make sure that you couldn't tell that just by looking at it. KOTOR 2 takes the odyssey engine from KOTOR 1 and translated it over almost without flaw.

Graphically speaking, this game is nothing to gawk at, but you dont need to gawk that the graphics of an RPG to enjoy the finely tuned gameplay it has to offer.

The sound, Wile not being done by Jeremy soul, is still a fantastic fit to the game. Some of the tunes are forgettable sure, but I can see people still humming tunes from this game 5 years from now.

Kotor offers up a *not so deep* but incredibly rewarding Light and dark side system, Much the same as kotor 1. Wile in KOTOR 1 the light and dark sides of the game didn't matter much untill the end, this is not the case in KOTOR 2. The Light and Dark Paths of KOTOR are almost 2 different games in there own respect, I can definitely see almost everyone who picks up KOTOR to Re-play through the entire Story to see the differences in both sides. Even Though the Conclusion of the game may be the same on both sides, the roads to get to that path are very spread apart.

Kotor 2 is a finely tuned well oiled machine that you will spend many hours on just trying to find out all this game has to offer, and even if it just is more of the same, anything more of the same as kotor is surely welcome to anyones gaming library.