Obsidian does a wonderful job on the sequal!

User Rating: 9.5 | Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords PC
Star knights of the old republic 2 is such a great sequal that was cut short by,lucasarts.Everyone talks about the incomplete game and that is due to lucasarts.They rushed obsidian into finishing up the game and due to that you will notice a few imperfections if you really dig into it.Still whats here is fantastic and a more than worthy follow up to the original.

Just to go into a little more details about whats missing and to let you know whats missing.First of all there was supposed to be a few more planets that were originally going to be in the game.Due to these being taken out you can actually see gaps in the story if your really paying attention and this is the sequals biggest downfall.

Still the story is really good even though obsidain was forced to cut it and condense it into a smaller game.You start off on the ebon hawk as T3-M4 the protocal droid.The ship has ben damaged and your player character is near death.Its up to the droid to try and make it to the near by planet.....or rather whats left of it.Your character finally comes too and you start your adventure into another star wars saga.The jedi knights have almost ben destroyed by the evil sith and you are the last known jedi....except your not really a jedi because you had a problem witht he jedi council they cut you off from the force and you must stop the sith from capturing the galaxy.

Theres some events that relate to the previous game but most as I said before have ben cut short due to lucas arts wanting to rush the title out.So it stands on its own and connects a little with the first.

Another thing that has ben messed up a little is the quests.You'll find it really difficult to complete certain quests ....like the hk droid quests and a few others.You'll also find it hard to max your guys level to the new cap of 30 unless you cheat.

Still this game is great.Everything has ben more stream lined to provide you with a better interface and even more options.You can now upgrade all weapons,armor and items even more and even make items from scratch using components.Many you'll find very useful.So I think the gameplay portion of the game is even better than the first but the story is not.

Of course you can make your guy and like the last game you can pick a scoundrel,soldier,or a scout.Unlike the other one you can now prestige to a new class at level 15.This is great and also opens up many new options for you.Least to say your guy will be a jedi or sith destroyer by the end of the game.

Another cool aspect is you can also now influence your party members.This is cool but once again has also be affected by the rush of the game.Still its makes you feel like you got more power over actual events in the game.You can eventually lead most party members to becoming jedi also.Witch is cool and you can have a whole squad of jedi or sith at your back.

Like the previous title you can go light or dark in this one based on your choices.So choose with care or you might end up doing something you'll regret.

So star wars knights of the old republic 2 is a fantastic follow up to the original game.The game play in my opinion has improved while the story and other elements suffer due to being rushed out.Still obsidian should be given props because even though they had to rush it out they still made a game that I have played through over 4 times now.That speaks for itself.

Maybe we will se a true sequal in the future, but instead lucas arts once again forces something on some of us at least i'm sure( maybe not all of us) that we don't want.....the dreaded mmo.I will not Spend my life savings to play it and in stead hope that we might still hear news of a true sequal.....ahhh I can dream can't I!If not then at least let obsidan redo this one the way it was supposed to be complete with all the cut content to fill in the gaps, wouldn't that be great.