Although fun with an interesting storyline along the way, it doesn't seem quite balanced enough...

User Rating: 9 | Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords XBOX
Kotor 2 is a great game, just a little shy of true awesomeness. Being a hardcore D&D fan, I kept geeking out about all the references to it while playing Kotor 2. +6 cold damage, 10-23 vs. droids, that kind of stuff. Although it is very fun, it doesn't seem very balanced. the amount of choice the game gives you is amazing. You obviously go evil or good, but you can have be having a conversation with someone and depending on who your talking to, they get angry depending on their character. While that may be basic, it is nearly impossible to be friends with everyone in your party. Some people are evil, neutral, can be turned to the other side, good, or just plain don't care. Made things interesting. Anyway, the weapons you can get and the customization system are excellent. Each time you level up, you distribute skills towards regular abilities. Things like persuasion and computer use and repair and so on and so forth control what quests you can do and how you can do them. They are also required to make customizations. The whole time I played the game I wanted to get farther and power-level some more. Even just running around and killing things at random is fun becuase of the wonderful animations. The game only falls back in 2 areas. How long the game is and the balance. For a RPG D&D game, it is very short. It only has 7 or so planets. Don't get me wrong, they are big planets with lots of stuff to do on each one, but it just didn't seem long enough. On to the balance. your main character alone can take down huge waves of enemies whereas your party often dies. Armies of enemies fall without planning or thought due to the unbeatable might of your jedi whether you chose to be a warrior, sentinel, or force wielder. Easiness got old but stayed fun.
It's a great game, but it just needs some fine tuning.