User Rating: 9.5 | Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords PC
Hello again, well i have been w8ing for FFxiii and desided to play a rpg to kill my time.I remembered kotor 1 witch i loved and tried kotor 2.I havent finished it yet but hell!!! all i got to say is that rpg is so gr8 that today rpgs must take some examples from it! Dragon age origins is a copy-like patenda from this one! Everything is perfect!
The gameplay! 10/10 play it again and again! its always fun to slaughter masses with your lightsaber!you can customize your character at the last detail and play as good or as evil as you like! there is no limit to your behavior and its your choise how you will react in each situation! THATS role playing...

music and sound effects? true to starwars 10/10

graphs? 8/10 it has some issues in the lightsabers and some effects color breaks. idont think its my computer's fault cause kotor 1 had the same probs and i played it on a different pc...

storyline! it keeps you on your toes.... havent finished it yet but as i play the game i cant stop it at all! absollutly enthralling!!! 9/10

overall? if you like starwars and rpg's thats the best game for you! if you are a D&D fun this level up system is gonna blow your mind! its not perfect but it comes close.I recomend this game to every rpg lover ever even now its more than worth playing and much better than today rpg's. well i think today is more of a shooter era :( well... whatever
thx 4 reading!