Outstanding title that rules beyond it's time.

User Rating: 9 | Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords XBOX

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords is, despite it's outrageously long title, it stands above the greatest games to have had ever happen to the sixth generation (PS2, Xbox, etc.) and even racks up against the seventh gaming generation (Xbox 360, PS3, vice versa). One of my all time favorite games Star Wars: KOTOR was. Then the sequel came about, in which I call Sith Lords, for short. Now I give this game a lot of praise but that's just my personal opinion. Professionally this game is still what it looks up to be but be advised, this game still abides problems that the first didn't.

They're only minor however, but in a longshot could be frustrating if you wish to make progress in the game. One of the issues involve "frame rate studder" something I call when a game suffers slow (lag-like) game-play when there is too much mayhem on-screen. I particularly faced this game play disaster only a single time, during the Civil War of Onderon. In this part of the game you have too many allied NPCs, facing with even more enemy NPCs, but gameplay becomes hectic, hard to concentration on anything, be prepared.

There's one more sad issue that is major in this game, the lack of turning over a new leaf. In most Role Playing games, you can swivel from being an evil protagonist, or the other way around. Be advised, when you make decisions in this game, they barely give you any chances to turn over new leafs, I'm not talking about Light side or Dark side points, I'm talking about having a slip of tounge, pointing the wrong direction of your lightsaber or choosing the wrong side of a war, doing so will result in major storyline branching. The sad part, you won't be able to turn back from the mis-choice you made.

Before I go over to my Pros/Cons/wut? list, I must save you the frustration I had with the story.

>>If you wish to be one with the light side of the force, choose the Royalist side NO MATTER HOW GOOD THE OTHER SIDE LOOKS.

>>If you wish to be a Dark sider, choose General Vaklu's side <--I made this mistake, trying to be a light sider, and ended up doing horrible deeds I couldn't turn away.

+Amazing story and immersive gameplay .

+Addicting gameplay you won't back out of.

+The story will grab you emotionally.

?How'd they manage to pull this off in a year?