Felt cartoonish

User Rating: 6.1 | Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter XBOX
There are training missions, then the game is split up into chapter like sections with a cutscene for each. The game ties into the plot of Episode II loosely. Besides the single player campaign, anything that you unlocked along the way such as bonus missions and craft can be played. It was fun flying in the Slave, Republic Gunship, and TIE fighters to name a few. Multiplayer consists of split screen battles. One of them is the classic X-Wing vs TIE fighter, but instead of it being a pure 1-on-1 dogfight, extra craft are put in for you to shoot at, which I felt took away from the experience. Other extras include concept art and whatnot.

A pet peeve I have with George Lucas and his Star Wars is that at times, it can get quite childish (Jar Jar Binks for example). I understand that this is a good strategy for selling films to a wider audience, but to those of us that want a more serious tone, it can get annoying. The same is reflected here in the game when you have annoying characters that fight ineptly alongside you, such as during the missions with a character called Nym, or whatever the squid-like looking character is called.

The main character is female. I was expecting a male pilot from my experiences playing Rogue Squadron and such. Not that it really matters too much, but this was something that I personally disliked.

There are wingmate commands that you can use. This is somewhat helpful but I found them to be inept. Force powers were a nice touch, such as slowing down time, force lightning (I thought this was a practice only used by the Dark Side?), force shields, and a force wave that damages everything in a certain radius (I used this the least).

Some missions can be frustrating and required multiple attempts to beat. The graphics can definitely be worked on, the ship details were blurry. What prevented this game from getting a lower mark were the extras included that enables you to replay each mission with various craft, but the overall childish feel left me disappointed.