Star Wars: Jedi Star Fighter is yet another flight simulator that is the sequel from the game of Star Wars: Star Fighter

User Rating: 7 | Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter XBOX
Star Wars: Jedi Star Fighter is the sequel to the previous game Star Wars: Star fighter where once again the fate of the galaxy is thrust into the hands of a pilot, but this time you're a Jedi pilot.

Ok the graphics may not be the best but that does not take away the fact that this game is pretty fun. The missions are fun to play through where you have to complete objectives and the choice of a secret and hidden objective. In some missions you also shift between ships other then the Jedi star fighter. The storyline to this game is also an interesting one but with very few cut scenes. Soundtrack is great. The co-op mode is also very fun to play with a friend. The bonus stuff you can unlock like bonus levels, ships, and other stuff is a nice addition to the game.

The bad thing to this game is that they could of had a few more cut scenes. Otherwise it's a pretty good game and you can find it pretty cheap at game stores so it might be worth the look. Though there are better Star Wars games out there.