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Youve seen the movies, youve played the games now fully immerse yourself in the Star Wars Saga like never before. Introducing: Star Wars Roleplay, a Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy community born from fans and enthusiasts alike. Born in February of 2013, Star Wars Roleplay was created with the intention of providing its member base with a fun, fair, and engaging environment for both the casual and hardcore fan alike. Using a newly designed faction system, along with our reworked story progression method and updated modification, the fate of the galaxy is ultimately driven by one person you. It is the year 356 ABY, and while the events of Return of the Jedi have passed on into history, the galaxy is still as volatile as ever. Enlist as an Initiate in the budding New Jedi Order, as they attempt to assist the reborn New Republic in establishing peace throughout the galaxy. Perhaps it is your destiny to one day reach the rank of Master, instructing other younglings in the ways of the Order. Or perhaps you seek to walk a darker path, where the ways of deception and power reign? Train as a Sith Acolyte in the hidden sect of the New Sith Order, causing chaos wherever you go. Perhaps one day, you may even be called a Lord of the Sith. Factions on the brink of war, corruption and fear on the rise will you bring the galaxy to an era of peace? Or bring it back to the grips of darkness? The choice is yours. Join us! http://sw-rp.com/index.php SWRP.com balances forum activity along with the game Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy to assist in a fulfilling experience. If you are not familiar with the Open Jedi Project for Jedi Academy, this is the primary base for our SWRP mod. Bringing you the realistic lightsaber combat of OJP 1.2, we have made our own improvements that include several bug fixes, roleplay enhancements, and general updates. These include: localized chat system that factors in distance, as well as specific channels for IC Speech, OOC Speech, and more. Up to seven realistic lightsaber forms to select from! And last but not least, teleportation command for easy travel. Unfortunately, there is simply too much information to fit into one advertisement, so we encourage you to visit us at the domain listed above. From there you can find various guides and regulations that describe how things work exactly and what our expectations are. We hope that you can enjoy us on this great adventure were thoroughly excited to make this journey together! Sincerely, The SWRP Team.