Sith Lord Desann skin for JEDI OUTCAST

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Hey everyone !! l made a skin for JEDI OUTCAST the skin very great and l have been working on it ten hours Readme.txt Mod name : Sith lord Desann game game: Jedi outcast Instalation : just put the models.pk3 at your LucasArts/JKO jedi outcast ll/Gamedata/base folder bugs: none l hope but if you will find some just contack me at Lucasforums or here on gamespot and at gamefront my profile at lucasforums is Battle111 and at gamefront is ukl1245 and paubal Enjoy!
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the icons remain the same and here are some Screens :
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Too bad they don't make amazing Star Wars games like this one anymore.

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Thanks this is really interesting.

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I was looking for something like this. Thanks for posting.

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Awesome skins. Just what I was looking for

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This will come in handy. I was looking for some great skins.