User Rating: 9.3 | Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided PC
I just watched the review and for the most part I would say it's pretty good. The problem I have with it is this.. What is your motivation for playing the game? Do you just want to run around killing things so you can gather hides and bone so you can buy a better gun? Well guess what then that's what you are going to do in the game. In fact you are the type of player that has made me a very wealthy man.. My so called peon. I have like 5 or 6 fighter type employees running around working for me, which I find extremely entertaining. Now you have to understand I still attack things but only in self defensive, I do usually have a DZ tracking droid patrolling around me while I am gathering resources, at the same time, crafting items for all the tell msg's from peons that are asking for stuff. Anyway the fact that you didn't talk about any of the cool class's really kind of annoyed me, I mean what's it like to be a bio-engineer or a smuggler or how about a droid engineer like myself? Or how about a bounty hunter or creature handler, I saw a guy yesterday with a baby banta it was cool as hell, he could give it commands and everything, he also said the little guy would eventually grow into a full grown banta that he could ride. The fact that you talked a lot about the dancer class which where obviously created for women is a bit unfair, funny enough most of them are in fact women. The fact is there are tones of guns out there I don't think you looked at the depth of creating items, as you get better at crafting you actually get to make experimental weaponry when near a crafting station, which mean I have seen the same type of gun but twice as good, they did it is kinda like "Age of empires" where the first part of the game takes place in the CDEF age (stone age) then later on we get to a new class of gun as more time goes by . So yes there is tons of weapons out there you just have to look at the statistics, or ask a artisan to try and craft you a really custom good gun. The fact that you can upgrade your weapons or armor or really pretty much anything in the game with modifiers was not mentioned as well. You didn't talk about how you can build your own house or get a architect to build one for you, nor did you talk about actually building Miner extractors that get recourses while your sleeping, which I think is really cool. How about the factories that can mass produce items, or that let you use draft schematics if you are not of that class, so you can make your own guns or whatever? I also don't think this game was attend for you to only pick one profession since you have so many skill points to pick form. You could literally pick every single profession in the game early on and do a bit of everything and at the same time you don't lose XP or anything like in say D&D when you muilt class. You can always drop a profession later on if you want to make room for one of the elite profession. There is way more depth to this game then even what a mentioned above but since I make games for a living and don't write reviews I will leave you to this. I really thing you guys should find out for your self. console gamers not need apply. Anyway I would like to apologize for my bad grammar, bad spelling or anything else you didn't like about the Review Of the Review, still haven't gone to bed people keep asking me for those R5 units.. ahh.. peons..