A Decent Attempt at a Star Wars MMO

User Rating: 8.5 | Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided PC
Before I Get Started I Only Started Playing this game Last Year, I Have no Opinion on the NGE upgrades or the CU Upgrades and the Game we have now is the Only One I've Played.

Star Wars Galaxies is a Decent Enough MMO, Sure it may not be World of Warcraft and it Isnt as Populated as what it May have been but It has a Certain Charm.

The Atmosphere is Great, Sand People Patrolling outside Mos Eisley waiting to catch unprepared Travelers, Stormtroopers and Rebel Soldier Fighting it out both On planets and Above them, Jabba the Hutt in his Palace with his Mercenary Army Led by Boba Fett, As soon as you Get through the Tutorial (With None other than Han Solo and Chewbacca) and get your feet on Land you feel as though you're part of the Star Wars Saga.

And Part of the Star Wars Saga is the Spaceships, Space combat is to be honest a Letdown, it's Fly from Point A, Destroy some Ships Fly to Point B, Protect a Target, But occasionally it spices things up By Throwing a Star Destroyer into the mix.

When You Start The Game You Will be Required to Pick a Sex, Species and Class, The Sex and Species doesn't really affect your character Stats Wise but Certain Species Cant Wear Certain Clothes, EG Trandoshan Cant Wear Boots, Wookiees can usually only wear specific Wookiee Armour, But the Real Game Changer is The Clases, Which Vary from Jedi to Medic to Trader (Building/Armour/Weapon Crafting).

Land Combat is Better than Space Combat, if Not Harder, The More you Level up, the more skills you get and more Armour and Weapons you can use.

The Galactic Civil War Rages on in the galaxy and its up to you if you Participate, you can Join Either Rebels or Empire as a combatant, Remain Neutral or do a bit of Mercenary work for either side, this affect your relations with other characters and Affects your Pilotable Ships, So No X Wing Imperial Pilots.

A Bad thing about the game in my opinion is the lack of an NPC trader, The Economy is Player Controlled meaning that If you buy a weapon or armour, chances are somebody has constructed it, Its an Interesting Feature, I Just Wish there was another option.

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