Once in a mmorpg, far, far away, this game was decent. Then Sony bought the rights...

User Rating: 5.5 | Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided PC
This game was really fun a looong time ago, until Sony bought it. Now its crap meant for newbs, and the really simple, hard core wanna bees.

Way back when it was fun, I enjoyed painting my speeder, and exploring the landscape. There were many very interesting facets to the game. I made cool signs for my house/store front using excel. You could be very creative, I remember moving furniture around was a quite a chore though, but when you were done you were proud to let all the people that came to purchase your items, admire your labor of love! When you made a level, it really felt good! Now you just level, and hardly realize it.

Ive never been a Star Wars fan, but this game was fun! Now it seems they thought if they made it more accessible to the younger crowed, and star wars fan boys, they would make more profit. I don't think it worked .

I would pay to play again if it was still the same. I tried the free trial recently, and I hardly noticed anything that resembled the old game. It is simply over simplified!

Fix it Sony, and you might be able to save it!