One of the best originally that went horribly wrong!

User Rating: 3.5 | Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided PC
This game when it first came out was one of the most original games even still today but it did not stay that way. The first year of the game was buggy sure, but it was probably the best game around even by todays standards.

Your character was not determined by level but instead a very original Idea which was skill based. Levels didnt even exist at this point in the game. So it was possible to be a Great crafter and fighter at the same time.

The Crafting system was also extremely original and complex. Great crafters and so-so crafters were quite noticeably different just in thier work. So if you were good at what you did it showed. It was not just generic crafting were everyone could make the same quality of item. Also, everything in the game was Player made! Nothing was NPC generated , NOTHING. This is no longer the case. They ruinned all of this with the CU (combat upgrade) then completely destroyed the game when NGE came out.

Im not going even to get into the rest of the game that was destroyed because it makes me sick. This might sound like a strong statement but I really feel sorry for anyone who did not try this game its first 20 months out, they really missed a great expierience and a Truelly one of a kind game.

I will never play another SOE(Sony) Online game ever again.