Should be a class action lawsuit :)

User Rating: 2.3 | Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided PC
When purchasing this game, it was advertised that you could be anyone you wanted to be in the Starwars Universe.

(Pre CU) 7.5

Literally you could... I was so hooked on this game I got burned out playing it. Im sure there is many more like me that fell in the same pattern.. it was unique in its own right.. bugs yes, but it made you want to come back for more. There was always something to do. Servers were decently busy. Sense of community was there. Somewhat balanced.
You actually thought it was cool sitting around camp fires.. lol.

(JTL) 7.4

Cool.. not perfect.. but it did its job. (CU) 7.0

I wasnt bothered to much by the CU as some were, group xp was messed up, not to much i noticed interferred with game play. Only Gripe was not fixing the current problems existing, but instead more emphasis on changing things.

(NGE) -0.001.. if it could go lower.


9 Iconic(idiotic) characters. .. to make it starwarsy.

This is not the same game that was advertised in 2003 at all. Yet it still has the same advertising for it... Isnt that false advertising?
So disgusted I think it only took me under a week to cancel all accounts.
I dont get SOE on the business model of dumbing it down to maket a quick buck. But it does not do so long term etc. Steady buck is better then a quick buck then a dying out buck. Way to go SOE.

Community erased.
Economy erased.
Balanced erased. (unless you like running around in circles shooting/slahinging)
Players erased.
Sounds like a cheesy FPS to me. :)

May the Farce find you.