Incredibly addictive, had me playing it until stopped supporting it.

User Rating: 9.4 | Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds - Clone Campaigns PC
SWGB:CC is wonderful! Along with the slightly better looking visuals, it introduces us to 2 new empires. The Confederate and the Republic, in lieu with the movie Attack of The Clones. Below is my review for the original game, most of my gaming time was on SWGBCC, because when it came out everyone had switched to it. The original was deserted in favour of the much better Clone Campaigns.

SWGB is just an incredible game. Reviewing it now ,4 years after I had stopped playing it, brings back nostalgic memories. SWGB was an overall very fun and enjoyable game, the single-player campaign was great, you got to play as every faction available and expand it's own story. After completing all the single-player campaigns you'd thing that they would be nothing else to do. Well, thanks to the awesome support of, you could go online and with ease, find a match in an instant. The community was great, there were many clans and you could meet a whole lot of people. There were many scenario player-made maps as well.

An example would be Hero/Bounty/Jedi Fest, these are maps with a small base all around the centre of the map, these would be fortified with laser turrets and could be upgraded in the latter versions. In the middle of the map, would normally have super-units that could be captured if the middle was occupied by one side for a prolonged period of time. These units would be a decided factor in the match, and this normally prevented other players from base raping/camping.

Another would be City-Build, a brilliant scenario in which there would be plots of land that would be of different terrain and be separated by outer-space. There would be a huge area in the middle for the host of the match to control, this would normally be known as the senate and controlled the most powerful units and had admin controls. This is comparable to God & Jesus from StarCraft.

So you put in the great engine, graphics for it's time, gameplay and wonderful community and you got yourself a great game.

I would like to extend this message to LucasArts. Please make a next-gen sequel to this game, you would have my fullest support. I hope you already have this in the making. It's truly an awesome game.