A great game that was fun and enjoyable

User Rating: 8 | Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds PC
I first played this years ago, and i really want to play it again, but i no longer have it. I decided to write a review about a great, but not very popular Star wars RTS

Gameplay 9/10
i was addicted to this game like crazy (the days before I found FF obviously). It had everything for me. It was a RTS which involved building a civilization, while completing missions. You could play as 7 races from the SW universe. There were varying missions, such as the campaign mode, which saw you controlling a group of famous characters from SW, such as Darth Vader, Darth Maul, Obi Wan Kenobi e.t.c. Missions ranged from defeating an army, to capturing a city, to building the starters of a civilization.
Then there is the deeper Quick game mode (this is a joke, they took hours), in which you pick your own objectives and civiliaztion. You also pick your enemies and ally players. Then you played the game. The best was Deathmatch. This involved building a civilization, while destroying your opponents with troopers, sith/jedi (depending on race), mechs, assualt weaponry e.t.c. This was the most fun and time consuming as you had to destroy every single unit the enemy had including buildings, and it was hard if you set 7 civilizations to be enemies with you. This way of creating your own games led to a lot of variation.

Graphics: 7/10
Great for when it was released, the units look good, and the buildings and environments are well presented. There isnt really a lot to say, just your typical RTS game really. Not Amazing, but no pushover either.

Sound: 7/10
Typical star wars noises, with the Screech of TIE fighters, and the clash of lightsabers, it really immeresed you into the SW universe. However some of the noises were a bit cheesy

lifespan: 30 hours plus.
What you make of it really, If you just like doing the Campaign missions dont buy it, because there is only about 10 hours here, but the Custom game settings allow you to make games that can take upto 3 hours to play, and you can save whenever you want

Overall 8/10