The Expansion pack seems to lack the luster of the original

User Rating: 7.6 | Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds - Clone Campaigns PC
When I saw that the game was built on the Age of Empires game Engine I knew it would be a great game. I was a fan of the Age of Empire series and still play those games today. The expansion of Age of Empires 2 made the original Age of Kings more fun than it was, but this expansion for Galactic Battlegrounds seems to lack the luster of the original title. The levels were not made as quite as good as the original makers did. The Expansion does bring about cool new units and grounds to create for your own scenario making. Each group has newer units and newer technology which makes it more fun. I especially like the new blaster ships created from the Fortresses, but it makes the game too easy to win. You could play with two workers 1-2 blaser ships and 10-15 fighters and destroy your enemy's entire base without worrying about tiowers or strong land units. The x-pack also has a new feature of controlled predators which is neat allowing the player to send in just a herd of animals to take out a complete base. This game has technologies associated with the cultures like the genosian upgrades alowwing better troopers and workers, Jedi fighters are a new unit for the Republic which are a little stronger than planes. THe levels make this game not worth the money. They are not as pretty or as good in my opinion as the original which makes you want to explore and amazed at the genius of their work. The units however give a new edge to the game making you change your strategy and work even harder at winning. The units pan out for the price making it worth to me about 10 -13 dollars.