I don't care what anyone else says, this game rocks!

User Rating: 8.5 | Star Wars: Force Commander PC
Yes the UI and camera controls are a pain in the ass to get used to and yes the pathfinding isn't amazing. But all three of these things can be worked around (you get good at using the UI+camera like you would any other activity soon enough), and the pathfinding can be managed with intelligent micro.

The real gem in this game is the fantastic singleplayer campaign. I'd rank it as THE top singleplayer RTS campaign ever up there with Starcraft, Red Alert, and the other legends.

The mission design is unique to say the least, none of this "build a bunch of stuff and go kill the other guy). Just to give you a couple examples: one mission has you intercepting a heavily guarded VIP under escort with PRECIOUS few men (this one took me about 30 times to beat), another you have to evacuate hostages out of an area, and still another you have to rescue a downed Imperial officer before the rebels get to him.

Add to this the pretty cool remixed Star Wars soundtrack (admit it, if it's the exact same Williams score every SW game it gets old), and the ability to carry over units from mission to mission and gain experience. You get attached to them.

I also thoroughly enjoyed the way you "buy" units with what are essentially "achievement" points. The CQB combat system between infantry squads in buildings is also worth mentioning.

For the price this goes for these days, pick it up. Grind through the difficult to use UI and camera controls and once you master them you will have a blast with the campaign.