nothing impressive, just another average and overrated game

User Rating: 4.5 | Star Wars: Empire at War PC
I bought this game seeing the great reviews it has been getting from gamespot and many users. But after a few hours I realize that that the game isn't what it should be. I was forcing myself to keep going, hoping I'd discover some aspect or angle that I had missed. But no such luck.
Honestly, every part of this game is like a copy and paste of what we know already, except for the space combat map. It isn't revolutionary or even innovative at all, I don't get it why this game gets high reviews, why?
Gameplay looks complex but once you get the hang of the game, it gets pretty simple. There are two phases of play:a galactic phase, in which you coordinate assaults on planets and build structures, and an assault phase, in which you lead air or space battles directly.
Graphics and sound all look pretty good and hold true to the SW universe but they are not that impressive. Graphics are pretty nice in space battles but in land battles they're hardly better than average and units have not good details. There are many RTS games in market with better Graphics.
The space battles are repetitive but at least look pleasant. They can't bring new to me. you just fire rockets from a long distances and defend your "siege weapons". And it's totally in 2D! I quickly realized there was no real strategy in the space battle. You just start battles move your ships to point X and watch...the only real interaction required is to tell them to A: shoot at shield generators and B: to call in the occasional reinforcement.
The ground based battles are waaaaay way behind good RTS games already exist in the market. This part of game are even more terribly repetitive than space battles. The battles are just a joke and not balanced at all. You have to build everything before entering a battle. Some parts are horribly unrealistic, for example; when you tell you're guys to take cover, they just duck down instead of hiding next to trees or something.
You can play campaign as empire or the rebels but the campaign also starts to become repetitive quickly. In either space, or on land it is the same thing over and over, the only difference is, as your tech level improves you can use different units.
Overall, maybe this game is good for star wars fans but if you are a big strategy fan, avoid this game.